Saturday, November 24, 2012

Warley setup

Warley TeaFriday afternoon and a short drive through a deep puddle saw us at the Warley show. Early arrival meant we could dump our stuff on stand E34. I even managed to squeeze the car between a couple of trailers in the car park opposite the hall.

Once the table was filled and RCD tested, we strolled around the hall. Actually, we grabbed a cup of tea for a very reasonable £1.09 and then strolled around the hall.

Obviously there wasn't that much to see, you need to be there in the evening for the chaos that happens when the majority arrive, but the Port of Par engines, Bill and Ben (or Alfred and Judy if you don't live on Sodor) were there and looking very nice. For narrow gauge fans there was the replica Lyd from the Lynton & Barnstaple railway. I liked that this is a centrepiece of an L&B display full of trade and layouts.

Outside the hall there is a replica of the Vigin Galactic SpaceShipTwo. I think that the plan is for Hornby Magazine to use this for transport in future to fit in with owner Key Publishing's aircraft interests...

Anyway, photos on Flickr. More over the weekend.


Frank Collins said...

Nice to see you at Warley Phil. Sorry never had time to stop and say Hello but I was tied up assisting a colleague with his layout. Maybe next time?

Phil Parker said...

Nice to see you Frank - even if it was only for a wave! Busy show though, which I suppose is a good thing.

James Finister said...

Every time I walked past you had an appreciative audience! One year I'll remember to plan time to take in the demo stalls.

My blog might sound quite negative but I actually had a good time