Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Antics Coventry's new home

Antics - Coventry Branch

Antics model shop in Coventry has moved to new premises from it's old home near Pool Meadow bus station.

The now location is 1A City Arcade, 2 minutes walk from Ikea and the indoor market. The former is worth knowing if you are looking for car parking or somewhere to lose the family for half an hour or so...

Although the new shop is slightly smaller, I prefer it. Walking in, the feel is friendly and you are in the middle of the goodies. I always felt that you'd walk half way down the old place before getting to the stuff you want.

Manager Dave and assistant (and top plastic kit modeller) Andy are as friendly as ever. The move might prove bad for their waistlines though as it seems that the local cafes are keeping them well supplied with cake. Some German friendship cake was delivered while I was there, although I foolishly turned down the offer of a slice. Maybe next time.

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James Finister said...

I would like have to agree that this is one of the friendliest model shops. They try their best to to understand my somewhat helpful comical attempts to read the article. describe tools and materials.
Most importantly, private and conversations. are always broken off to deal with customers.