Monday, November 19, 2012

Hornby Magazine Yearbook 2012

The 2012 Hornby Magazine yearbook has hit the shelves. This year most of the articles revolve around the creation of a new layout - Topley Dale.

Fitting into a small domestic dinning room, the Dale is a roundy-roundy set in Derbyshire. There's a lot of cream coloured stone going on and the station paintwork is maroon. Despite fitting in a small space, which includes dodging a 'fridge full of Coca Cola and the odd beer, there is a decent sized station with goods facilities. The fiddle yard hold full length trains too such as a Blue Pullman or long coal train hauled by a Garratt (well, it would have been if we'd been able to make the pre-production model work at the time).

Time was tight for this so I've contributed several structures. For the yearbook, you'll find a road bridge and signal box. The later is an Airfix kit with it's proportions sorted out (as supplied, the windows are far too wide) and fitted with interior detail. I've also re-named a loco using Modelmaster bits.

If this isn't enough, the footbridge in the current issue lives here as does the viaduct in the excellent, and still available, Parker's Guide Bookazine.

But, back to the yearbook, apart from my bits, there is lots of other good stuff. It makes the perfect answer to the question, "What would you like for Christmas".

Buy the Hornby Yearbook 2012 from Amazon.

Topley Dale Signal box

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