Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Groudle Glen Coach kit

Walrus and train

It pays to help people out sometimes. A couple of years ago, I made up a CD of photos taken at the Groudle Glen Railway for Peter Lane, purveyor of beautiful wooden kits for garden railway narrow gauge rolling stock through Yatton engineering.

Recently, he sent me an e-mail to say that kits were on the market and since I'd helped him, would I like a coach?

Of course I would!

GCR Coach bitsA few days later, a large parcel turned up in the post containing a kit for one of the bogie coaches. These don't get the coverage they deserve in my opinion despite being the mainstay of services, indeed the onlystay before the replica original vehicles are produced.

The kit is supplied in laser-cut plywood to 16mm:1foot scale, 32mm gauge. It includes wheels, bearings and couplings. Normally sold for £55, this sounds like a pretty good deal to me. that's a a relief as I can see I'll be buying a second model. And a locomotive. And some of the original versions.

Worse, the whole set is being produced in 7/8th scale for 45mm track too. Complete with the loveliest steam engine in the world, Sea Lion. I need to earn more money. Fast.

Groudle Glen stock from Yatton Engineering.


Christian said...

Don't forget Polar Bear!

Anonymous said...

What about Polar Bear
Would love them in 7mm scale

Phil Parker said...

The electric version is in the range. Steam to follow from Accucraft next year in 7/8th scale.

As for 7mm scale - well Saltford Models did do a set but they are as rare as rocking horse poo. If anyone has a kit tucked away, let me know.

matt scrutton said...

its interesting, IP Engineering seem to be marketing the same thing. Possible modelling demonstration fodder for Warley?

Phil Parker said...

I think IP Engineering manufacture the kit. It seems they do a lot of laser cutting these days, I have a boat kit by them too.