Sunday, November 11, 2012

Model Boat Show 2012

Marine Modelling BoatsIt's the time of year to set sail for the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre for the International Model Boat show 2012. Several thousand square feet of ship and boat modelling.

Wandering around the display, there were the usual mix of vessels in various scales of a variety of prototypes. Some of the models were familiar to me but most were their builders latest pride and joy.

If there was one thing I had to remember this year, it was the mantra "No New Kits". There are plenty of boats in my pending pile. I've even got all the bits to finish them, I just need the time. Maybe my lottery ticket will come up one day...

It sort of worked. The Vintage Model Boat Company managed to extract some cash, or at least a temporary loan of my credit card, but those kits were Christmas presents so that doesn't count. Apart from the fact one of them needs to be given as a finished model, so I've got my work cut out sticking the laser-cut bits together. Interestingly, this company is an offshoot of IP Engineering, purveyors of excellent garden railway kits.

I did have to acquire some sizable bits of plasticard for Brede MK III and Models By Design flogged me a hefty bags of huge sheets in various sizes for £25. More than enough for three or four boats. Even allowing for the amount of plastic sheet I can work through in a year, this will last a while.

One of the more unusual sets of kits are those shown at the top of this post. Card kits in 4mm scale courtesy of Marine Modelling Magazine. Chatting to the editor, the models appearance in the mag hasn't gone down too well with the (very) few people who bothered to feed back to him. Chatting at shows though, the response has been far more positive. The RNLI hovercraft towards the back will be appearing in the February issue of the mag because of this and I for one look forward to picking up a copy. While the models aren't exactly sophisticated, they can be assembled by nearly anyone and offer a starting point for something more details. The little ferry at the front appeals to me, as does the green work boat in the middle. I've bought a back-number to get that one.

Manning the KMBC stand, I didn't find this a chatty show. Attempting to start a conversation with visitors was usually met with a look of horror. The only area of the display that generated conversation was the "Cobweb Corner" display of old RC equipment and models. Dave was chatting away all day.

See more photos from the show.

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