Saturday, November 08, 2014

Brasso time

Boat polishingAs you read this, my fantail launch Sooty, should be on display as part of the Knightcote Model Boat club stand at the International Model Boat Show in Warwick.

Our theme this year is wooden boats and since I'm quite pleased with the woodwork on the deck, and I want to go in to the show for free, it's been entered in to the display.

The boat hasn't been out for over a year and I recall that in the past a mix of steam chemicals and oil resulted in the brasswork looking distinctly green and slimy. That's not what anyone wants to see on display so out came the Brasso wadding and everything has been given a good polish.

While I was at it, the woodwork has been waxed so the model is ship-shape for the public. If you are coming along to the show, I'll be there manning the stand on Sunday so please drop in and say hello. I'll take some photos and post them next week so you can enjoy the show even if you can't make it.

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