Tuesday, November 11, 2014

GWR Corrugated Store Shed

Resin Hut

For a little magazine project, I needed a resin building to work on. Nothing grand, just a simple hut. A quick call to Skytrex saw me with a 20ft long GWR corrugated iron store building.

Made up of resin and whitemetal parts, it's simple enough to assembled with superglue. The pieces need a little fettling for a perfect fit, although the prototype material tends to be less than perfect in this respect so slight gaps in the corners are realistic as well as saving time filing the chamfer joins.

Primed Hut

A handy hint is that behind the sliding door, a couple of plastic slips can be glued in place so the bottom is firmly, but invisibly, attached to the building. On a permanent layout this isn't a consideration but if you plan to move the model around, the bottom of the door flapping around isn't a good thing.

Once stuck together, the model was given a good scrub in the sink with some washing up liquid and an old toothbrush to removed any grease. Next a coat of car primer was shot all over from an aerosol.

Painted hut

The pale colour comes from a pot of Railmatch GWR light stone. Looking at photos, the darker parts didn't look like dark stone though. These seemed more orangey so I used Humbrol matt leather. This is perhaps a bit bright but as the next stage is weathering, I can live with that.

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