Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Weathered store

Weathered hut

Time to get the store hut dirty. Since the magazine part of this project isn't about the painting, I could experiment a little with some of the products sitting around my workspace.

First up, the roof was painted with Modelmates Rust Effect. A couple of years ago, I tried these and while I could see potential, the immediate results didn't do much for me so I passed the potions on to someone with more patience and returned to my normal paint'n'powder methods.

Now, the pots have changed and I felt I ought to try again. A good coat over the roof and door gave me a really nice effect. The liquid dried quickly and nicely mat. Results were patchy, just like large areas of real rust. The leather base colour might have helped but I was really impressed and will use this again. I'll investigate some of the other pots in the stash too.

After this, the building was dusted with weathering powder - mostly Humbrol brown but some Mig rust too. I work over a plastic box lid and use the leftovers that drop in here as a mixed colour. Everything was applied with a inch wide cheap paintbrush mostly working from top to bottom. The effect I was aiming for was dirty, not ramshackle.

A finish that you ignore rather then look at was the plan and I think I'm there. This could sit in the background of a layout and look right without shouting about itself. Using weathering powders is simple enough for anyone to do too.

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