Sunday, November 16, 2014

International Model Boat Show 2014


This years model boat show looked very much like every other years shows. Lots of model boats on display and some trade. Less trade than previous years I felt, at least one major stand was notable by its absense.

Some of the boats looked pretty familair too, but then if your club has to travel to exhibit, the chances are the people willing to do this are the same ones who do it every year and they will tend to bring the same models.

Never the less, there was still plenty to look at. Our stand was well-manned so I had plenty of time to wander around and take photos. The more I looked, the more I found interesting models. Again, I largely ignored the military stuff but they left a huge amount to chose from. I'd suggest that there were approaching 1000 miniature vessels in the hall, so something for everyone.

RememberHighlight of the day was, as usual, the 2 minute silence for Rememberance Sunday. I try to be at the water for this as there is a display of military models and it helps to focus your mind when you realise just what the crews of these ships had to go through.

A first this year was that there wasn't a single kit that really appealed to my wallet. Maybe it's that I have more than enough projects already, but then this hasn't stopped me in the past. Possibly there wasn't anything much new out there apart from a newly tooled Metcalf Mouldings "River Star" which now features CNC cut plastic for even easier construction, but as I've already built one of these I'm imune.

I suppose this is a good thing in a way, but when I go to this sort of show, it's nice to leave full of enthusiasm and I didn't get that this year. Maybe it's show fatigue. I certainly met plenty of interesing people and we've signed up a few new members so at least one objective has been achieved.

Now, what shall I build for next years event?

Plenty of photos on Flickr

Metal boat

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