Friday, October 04, 2019

Kirk N gauge kits

One of the highlights of TINGS is always Colin Allbright's display of vintage models. 

This year, he brought along a huge selection of early Ian Kirk plastic wagon kits. I knew of Kirk's models in OO, that were the seed for the Parkside Dundas range. I'm pretty sure I've got a few in the kit stash somewhere. 

Some will recall the coach range in both 4 and 7mm which were the mainstay of many a layout years ago. There are still models in the range not available RTR such as the  LNER Twin and Quad-arts. I built the former for Melbridge Town years ago and have a quad still to do. I'm not much of a coach fan, but I do like these. 

Looking at the N gauge wagons. I think that many would still stand up today with more modern examples. Maybe this is just the small size and my eyesight, but I can't see why not. 

It's certainly an interesting display. I'm always fascinated to find a new range I didn't know about.


Ian C said...

So what's the jig in the second picture?

Phil Parker said...

It's the mould for the chassis.

Paul B. said...

Some of the early Parkside Dundas 009 kits came from the Ian Kirk range as well. Of particular interest, which didn't make it into PDs fold, was a plastic kit for an 0-6-0 Manning Wardle saddle tank (like a shrunken K class), now quite rare, designed to fit a Grafar chassis. I managed to win an unbuilt one on Ebay recently. Its a shame that no-one else made a plastic 009 steam loco kit, as one would be excellent fodder for bashes.