Tuesday, October 01, 2019

009 flatbed wagons

Fed up with putting a couple of ancient Colin Ashby 009 5 foot wheelbase flat wagon kits back onto the shelf they kept falling off, I decided to spend an evening sticking them together. 

The plastic is surprisingly hard, removing parts from the runners is definitely a job for sniper rather than a scalpel. Once free and cleaned up (there is little or no flash) everything fits together brilliantly. 

Even the plastic wheels seem OK. If they find themselves used in anger, I might put some metal sets in, but these will do for now. 

If you know your wagons, then the 7 different brake gear options will appeal. I just picked something that looked OK and didn't have the brake lever poking up above the floor. My wagons have brakes on both sides because I like value for money so use as many bits as possible. No vacuum gear though, that just seems wrong for NG stock. 

Finally, loads of lead was tucked under the floor. 

Now the models reside in the 009 stock box. At least they will stay put there.


Bill L said...

Ancient they may be, but Colin Ashby's kits did much to popularise 009 modelling in its early years. Over 20 years old now, but well cast, easy to build and inexpensive. A generation of 009 modellers cut their teeth on them. The 5ft wheelbase range replaced an earlier shorter wheelbase range and included a Hopper Wagon, 4 Plank Open Wagon and several Coaches. All were freelance, but looked convincing on a small narrow gauge layout. The wheels were Peco ones, same as used in their N gauge range.
Indeed the 4 Plank Open is still available today, from the 009 Society's Sales Department or Publicity Stand (to members) at various Exhibitions and Members' Days for £6.00. Colin is still very much alive, but so far has remained unmoved in our efforts to cajole him into re-releasing the whole range. But we live in hope.
Bill Luty
The 009 Society Publicity Officer

Paul B. said...

'removing parts from the runners is definitely a job for sniper rather than a scalpel'.
Bloody hell Phil, do you really need a marksman with a high powered rifle just to release a few parts from a sprue? Couldn't you just use side cutters like anyone else??

Phil Parker said...

Paul - For show, I like to throw a sprue into the air and blast the parts from it with accurately aimed bullets from a six-shooter. My demos are always a hit, or at least the audience says so! :-)

Phil Parker said...

Bill - This is a shame as these are really nice kits.