Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Waterborne Wednesday: Orange tender

Sebourne Quest lifeboat

When we on the Isle of Man a few months ago, our apartment overlooked Douglas Bay. Several times, a cruise ship would anchor up and transfer those tourists who wished to go ashore to the quayside in the ships lifeboats - or tenders.

One day, I managed to race around the harbour and get a few shots of these interesting, if ugly, boats. Most of the time they are too far from shore for a good shot, but a combination of loitering at the far side of the docks and a mega zoom did the job.

Sebourne Quest lifeboat 2

A bit of digging on-line hasn't brought up many details of these particular boats, apart from this blog post about the fun of being transferred in them and that they are 10m long and 4m wide.

Video of a sister ships boat with more useful views, although I think the detail is different.

As a potential model the colour is good and you would have an excuse to run them on their own without a load of stricken passengers. 

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