Tuesday, October 08, 2019

The best vending machine in the world?

Spotted at the NEC, what may be the best vending machine in the world. No crisps, drinks or chocolate in this one. Instead, you can buy cable ties, many varieties of sticky tape, cables and other essentials. 

Obviously someone will point out that you could pcik up all of these for less money elsewhere, but the point is you use this when setting up an exhibit and all the somewhere's are closed. When that happens, money doesn't matter, getting the job done does. 

Would this offer the solution to the lack of model shops on our high street? How about a Humbrol vending machine? And a Hornby/Peco/Bachmann one offering track, pins, trees and rolling stock? 

1 comment:

Nick Brad said...

I love this idea personally, it would work great in supermarkets alongside the coffee/smoothie/photobooth/coin converting machines.