Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Garratt progress

Garratt progress
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The good news is that I am rapidly running out of etched bits to attach to the Garratt locomotive. All the major lumps are in place as is much of the detailing. It's all looking pretty good. At this point the 80:20 rule is running things - 80% of the time is spent on 20% of the model. In other words, sticking a boiler together produces a sizable chunk of steam engine - but the character of the model is in the detail such as handrails and pipework and they take a whole lot longer to form and fit. I never was any good at plumbing !

But, and it's a big one, I still have to fit the valve gear. Hopefully the motors and gears will arrive in today's post so that task can commence in earnest. With a deadline for delivery of this Saturday looming, I'm hoping my skills with the waggly bits aren't too rusty.

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