Thursday, August 20, 2009

On30 chassis

On30 wagon chassis
The Select-a-car chassis looks pretty simple. Reading the instructions didn't show up any issues so I ploughed on in the same way I always do - attach one solebar, let it dry and do the other, trapping the wheels at the same time. One surprise was that the bearings for the pinpoint axles were cast integrally with the resin axleboxes rather than separate brass ones. I assumed the manufacturer knows what he is doing but I'm not convinced.

Anyway, I attach the first frame and leave it overnight then I do the second one. Which doesn't work. The axles are far too long. A quick measurement shows axle length 26mm. Between the backs of the boxes is 22.5mm. There is no way that there is 3.5mm depth in the bearings. I played around with a few ideas and then consigned the first chassis to the bin in disgust.

A few days, and a bit of discussion on an On30 message board later, I tried again. Others had made the kits although suspicion about those bearings abounded.

So, on attempt 2 I tired something different. Superglue was spread to hold both solebars and they were both fitted. Then before it dried (i.e. very quickly !) the wheels went in. A bit of fiddling to ensure they revolved well and the splay of the 'boxes was equal and all looked well. In the morning, things still appeared OK and the chassis ran up and down the track freely. Problem solved hopefully.

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