Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Select-a-kit parts

In my quest for unusual wagons for the forthcoming On30 layout, I decided to try a Backwoods Miniatures Select-a-car kit. This was slightly influenced by being caught drooling over the range on the stand at Telford NG show. Being a bit bored towards the end of the day I couldn't help poking at them and decided I ought to do more than a bit of tyre kicking 'cos I hate people who spend their time hastling traders with no intention of actually buying anything. Pertinent questions are fine - but you are not the friend of the guy behind the counter just because you came in the door. He doesn't necessarily want to spend hour talking to you, especially when people who are interested in spending money can't get a word in edge ways.

Anyway, I left with three kits. Apparently you have to buy this many to make the economics make sense. I did get a run down of the costs involved but can't remember it exactly now but at the time it made sense. At least I saved postage costs and I had been meaning to buy some for a while.

In the bag are a set of resin castings, some bits of plastic and wheels. All the wagons are basically the same - a flat wagon - with additional body parts to make them different. Instructions are included and for such a simple kit are very fulsome. I suspect the paper weighs the same as the kit parts !

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