Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stake wagon

Stake wagon
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Thanks to the joys of (temporary) full time employment doing proper webmastering stuff rather than assembling toy trains, my modelling time has been more limited over the last week than normal. However despite my commute and consequent earlier starts and later finishes, I have been determined not just to slump in front of the telly or computer. If I want to keep writing this blog, I need to keep making things.

Now if you are a bit tired and don't have a huge amount of time, in theory there is nothing better than sticking a simple kit together. Since the blog has been full of On30 wagon, and I had one kit left of the three I bought, this seemed the best candidate for this weeks project.

The stake wagon goes together in exactly the same way as the open. Build the chassis and stick the sides on. The resin mouldings for the chassis weren't as good as before and needed a bit more massaging to get them flat. More massaging than I bothered to give them anyway. Needless to say, once I'd assembled the sideframes and wheels, the thing didn't sit completely flat. A quick twist helped a little. A bigger twist resulted in a broken sideframe.

Undaunted, I just stick it back with superglue and since the thing seemed flat I left it there.

Initial painting with pale grey, browns and cream went ahead followed by a decent dusting of talcum powder. The results look pretty good to me and once the wash of dark brown goes on the wagon will look pretty wooden for a resin kit.

Sadly, thing needed a touch more tweaking to sit flat again and when I did this, the glue joint gave way and now half the solebar needs to be re-stuck. I'll do this and even brace the joint with epoxy. Then I can finish the painting, put a load on and fit the couplings when they arrive. You'll see another photo when I do.

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