Monday, August 31, 2009

Now you've made them, it's time to use them...

Tank top with rivetsHappy days. I've stuck rivet strips all over the tank end of the Garratt locomotive. I did my best to follow the photo and the results don't look half bad.

The whitemetal vent stands have, for the first time I've built one of these kits, been put in place. They were topped by more plastic and then the vents. Around the sides are strips of lumps and up the fronts of the stands. At the back - well I don't have a photo and there isn't a corresponding line of rivets on the outside of the tank, so I left them off.

The pipe is simply a bit of wire bent up and terminates in a washer. The straps holding it in place are strips of paper. I tried to use microstrip but the plastic isn't flexible enough to bend around the rod. With a good soaking of superglue I think they will look OK.

Finally, the lifting lugs are made from left over etch. Measurements are done by eye but 3mm for the raise part and the same for the flat bit looks pretty close to me.

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