Friday, August 21, 2009

On30 tub

On30 wagon
My particular kit was the gondola, or in English, open wagon. To make this, 4 cast resin sides are added to the basic flat wagon. These fit on with superglue easily enough and then it's off to the paint shop.

The instructions dismiss anything other than spray paint for the wagons. While the results produced this way are nice I simply can't be bothered for wagons so it was hand painting for me.

Body colour is Humbrol matt red dry brushed with some of the same paint with a drop of cream added. Inside is a light earth and pale grey mix. This is then dry brushed with gunmetal. Finally, when fully dry, a wash of dark brown completed the work. Simple, and to my eye, effective. Perhaps there will be some highlighting of bolt heads with rust, but I'll wait until I decided what load the wagon will transport. If it's coal then a lot of black will be needed instead.

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