Monday, September 14, 2009

3F Bulldog

Bulldog kitAfter a couple of weeks messing around on various little jobs and article work, I now get to start a new proper project. One that isn't a Garratt too.

The new kit is a 4mm scale 3F locomotive nicknamed Bulldogs to be built from the London Road Models etched brass kit. It's a lovely engine with a simple outline - pretty much your classic UK 6 wheel good engine. Of course the simple outline means I have to get things very right. No chance of hiding wonkiness under detail !

Opening the box the builder is confronted with a mass of tissue paper. The packing is as comprehensive as you could hope. Digging down once the instructions are cast aside, a small packet of casting in both white metal and brass appears. As befits such a plain engine, this isn't exactly extensive being mostly smokebox front, backhead and tender axle boxes. Further down are wrapped parcels with the etches and very nice they are too. The detail is sharp and nicely presented. Once I start assembly we'll find out if this impressive appearance is justified in the planning behind the kit.

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