Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The eyes of the MOT tester

Splined tool
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker
...spotted that 3 of the bolts holding the drive shaft of my campervan to the gearbox were coming loose.

I didn't read the advisory note properly and started by looking at the wheel end - where they have loosened before - but no, it's higher up. And only one showed real looseness i.e. sticking out of the faceplate. The other two weren't tight but you could only really tell by twisting them with your fingers. I guess that years of poking around under old cars makes you spot these sort of things !

Anyway, five minutes work with the splined tool shown had things tightened up again. It's a job you could do with mole grips but it would be a whole load of no fun and chew the heads up into the bargain.

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