Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Footbrake rubber

Did you know a worn brake pedal can be a reason to fail your MOT ?

Apparently this is the case and with my campervan's MOT looming this week, I need to give the inspector as few reasons to give me the big red sheet as I can. Not that I expect to get off this year, I'm sure there will be something, but I might as well try.

Replacement rubbers are readily available for a few quid and I'm sure I bought some over a year ago. I definitely picked some more up at Stanford Hall earlier this year and now I've got around to fitting them.

For pattern parts (i.e. not genuine VW ones but made by a third party supplier) they fitted very well pushing on with no adhesive required. The originals were well worn and simply pulled away to reside in the bin. Even the tread on the rubber was the same as the last ones. You really can tell when you use the brake too, the thicker rubber feels different.

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