Friday, September 18, 2009

Critter in Continental Modeller

I get in from work and find a fat envelope from Peco. Inside is the October 2009 issue of Continental Modeller magazine. The reason they have sent it to me (the only publisher who do hint hint) is that the piece I penned on building a "Critter" from a Unit Models kit is to be found on pages 622 and 623.

It's interesting writing about American prototypes especially when there is likely to be a reasonable number of people from that country reading it. The editor has added a short teaser at the top of the page "Phil Parker fell for the charm of a convincing craftsman kit". In the UK I'd initially think "Craftsman Kit" means an etched brass loco model from the firm of the same name. In the US I think it means a kit that has to be assembled and many need some modification or fitting to get it together. Likewise "critter" is an Americanism meaning a small locomotive, often of dubious parentage that has been on the end of several in service modifications.
Modellers of the US prototype will hopefully be versed in the lingo - if not they need to go and buy some magazines from across the pond (easy enough there are several good ones available from UK suppliers - try this, it's fabulous) where no concession is made to British sensibilities. You think they'd remember exactly who invented the language...

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