Friday, September 11, 2009

MOT shock result

That replacement pedal rubber obviously did the job. My campervan at a whopping 38 years old passed it's MOT first time. Not through a dodgy testing station either, Ashley actually went back to my favorite tester locally - a guy who is through, firm but fair.

Since he doesn't do repairs other than a little welding, he has no incentive to fail vehicles just to get a bit of work. That's a handy hint repeated by the money saving guy on the telly who suggests going to your local council MOT station for exactly the same reason.

Anyway, I didn't even get an official advisory note, just a jotted suggestion I should check the bolts on the offside CV joints. That's a nice easy job apart from the ones at the top of the wheel which are shielded by the driveshaft, but still far, far better than it could have been.
All of which is being celebrated with a strawberry fruit beer and then I shall work out what project can occupy the time I would have spent trying to get the van fixed. Time to get the Bulldog kit out I think...

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