Monday, September 21, 2009

Tender chassis

Tender chassisThe Bulldog locomotive's tender chassis is actually fiddlier to assemble than the one with the driving wheels. Again, we have two sides connected by spacers but as I can't stick this on a jig, and there is a bit of play in the spacers, there was a fair bit of fiddling around to get it square and flat. The axle holes took quite a bit of opening out too.

At some point I have to attach brake gear but this needs to be carried out after the wheels are fitted. And these have to go on after the chassis is painted. Looks like it will be the red label (non acidic) flux for that job !

One the etch, the origin of the kit is revealed. George Norton designed this model for London Road. This is good news as he's well known as a good kit designer. I built one kit in 3mm for a very similar loco and it went together very nicely.

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