Monday, August 09, 2010

C15 kit

C15 kitI think everyone is probably bored of the layout in a box for a while, so I'm moving on to something new. The next model on the workbench is a Connoisseur Models O gauge kit for an LNER C15 4-42 tank locomotive.

The kit originates from Majestic Models and has been acquired by Connoisseur and the model is sold pretty much as the original designer intended. No changes to the parts have been made so either it's going to be a nightmare, or as I expect, George Dawson got it all right when he designed it. Only time will tell.

In the box the etches look very nice. There are tabs and slots to aid assembly although the instructions do warn that they final squaring up should be done by the modeller rather than relying on them. That's not bad advice as etching to the levels of accuracy required to avoid this would be exorbitantly expensive. Alternatively making the fit tight just results in me cutting the tabs off 'cos I can't be bothered to open out the slots.

Apart from the kit, the modeller has as usual to provide motor, gears and wheels. The finished model will not go back in the box either. Well not unless you stamp very hard on the lid...

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