Monday, August 30, 2010

Making a stand

On the Model Boat Mayhem forum I spotted an interesting post entitled "Boats to be inspired by". It's full of photos taken at the San Francisco 2009 model boat convention.

There are some very impressive models on show but after a while it wasn't the boats themselves that inspired me, it was the stands they were displayed on. In the UK boat shows are all about the boats. Very little effort is made on the actual display - the model tend to sit on the stands that are used alongside the sailing pond. There will be functional but not normally very esthetically pleasing.

It doesn't have to be this way, look at the tug boat illustrated. The stand takes up little more space than a basic version would but it shows off the model, and the skill of the model maker so well. Obviously you wouldn't want this when sailing, the water running off the hull wouldn't do it any favours, but for there a basic version made out of something suitably waterproof would be fine.

Another example is this lovely early speedboat. The display stand is made with a wooden pattern that echoes the vessel. It appears to be sat on simple perspex pillars too. That will have taken quite a bit of effort by the builder but how much better than a scruffy bit of plywood.

This seems to be a common difference between UK and US exhibitors. Cars being displayed on this side of the pond will be sat on the ground. We might stuff a mirror underneath to show how clean the chassis and we might open the bonnet, but that's as far as it goes. In the US the vehicle will be jacked up or on a stand. Mirrors will adorn the ground, wheels will be removed so the brakes can be admired, the doors will be open and bikini-clad babes will be draped over the hood. It's all so much more of a show.

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