Saturday, August 28, 2010

Why I'm not a proper classic car owner

DS engine bayLast weekend there was a classic car show in the middle of Warwick. The people of the town finally got what what they have always wanted and the market square was, albeit briefly, turned into a car park.

In the middle of the display was a Citroen DS. A beautiful car and very special to me. You see, its restoration was featured in a Pratical Classics magazine the same month I purchased my Beetle. I bought the magazine because there was an article on what to look at when buying a bug - admittedly after I became the owner of the car, but that doesn't matter - it was an itneresting article but the DS rebuild blew me away.

This was in the very early 1990s

Today, unlike my bug, the DS is still immaculate. You could eat your dinner off the inside of the engine bay.

How do you keep a car in that good a condition ? It's not like it doesn't go out on the road. Admittedly runs are limited to dry summer days but even so. I'm afraid that despite owning two classic cars, I'll never be a proper classic car owner.

You can take a look as the other photos here.

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