Monday, August 02, 2010

Plain backgrounds

Those following my build of the C15 steam locomotive are going to be a bit disappointed this week and the updates will be minimal . I've hit the point in the month where I need to write stuff for Hornby Magazine and that takes precedence over blog stuff I'm afraid.

Nowadays, while the words matter, pictures matter more. This means I have to take a bit of care and do the best I can to provide suitable images to illustrate whatever it is I'm waffling about. This seems to be a bit of a black art but it's not as difficult as it seems with new fangled digital cameras. The most important thing is to get a nice uncluttered background and unsurprisingly this has always been the case. The drawing about is from the April 1941 issue of Model Railway News and is by none other than John Ahern. My set up differs only in that the card background is Blu-taked to the wall rather than propped up on books. There really is nothing new !

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