Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Herding cats

Splodge in a boxRegular readers won't be surprised that I'm turning the "Layout in a box" into a magazine article. To that end I've been taking quite a lot of pictures that you won't be seeing here. Since the whole point of the model is that it fits in a plastic box, I though taking a photo of a cat in said box would make an amusing illustration of the size.

Has anyone actually tried to get a cat to pose ?

No, well don't bother. My cunning plan involved putting a few treats in the bottom of said box, waiting for them to sit up from chomping and taking a picture. What could go wrong ?

Well, how about they hop in from the side nearest me and instead of aligning themselves along the length of the container, the little horrors dived into the goodies giving me a fine view of their back ends. As Barrie Cryer would say "That reminds me, I need to sharpen a pencil." The number of publications requiring photos of cats bums is very small and mainly consists of specialist websites.

Fortunately they are greedy little beggars and eventually I persuaded Splodge to sit up, although as you can see he managed to get his own back by licking his nose as the shutter clicked !


Jim Frisby said...

Should your readers which to emulate your ideas, the boxes are everywhere now. Stationery Box stocks them (at least the Leicester branch does) and they're even listed in the latest Argos catalogue!

Phil Parker said...

True, but you don't get a cat in all of them !