Sunday, August 15, 2010

Prototype for everything - wobbly platform edge

Wobbly platform 1When I was building Flockburgh I encountered a problem. At the end of a crossover locomotive buffers would clip the platform when running around a train. This was annoying and since making 14.2mm track work was enough of a pain, I cheated and trimmed the edge by a millimetre or two so they all cleared. Just.

It's not something I ma proud of, or that I feel looks good but to be honest I doubt anybody notices and if they do, I don't much care. The loco stays on and that is all that matters.

Now though I have been vindicated. A couple of weeks ago disembarking from a train at Birmingham Snow Hill Station, what do I find ? Only that the prototype had Wobbly platform 2exactly the same problem and that the solution thought up by proper engineers was exactly the same as mine. To make things more obvious the edging stones follow the wobble perfectly, and very neatly too.

So after all that concern, it turns out there is a prototype for this and I can sleep easy at night !

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