Monday, August 23, 2010

Down beside the viaduct

Down beside the viaductHaving talked about reference photos when mending things yesterday, he's a different sort, a reference photo grabbed while I was wandering around town.

The viaduct on the left is disused, it used to take the track into the LMS station and this was demolished many years ago leaving just the GWR one. I liked the view because it shows the sort of unruly mess you find near railway lines. The back of the buildings is a bit of a hotch-potch of extensions built to utilise the maximum space available. The bricks and roofing materials are different denoting different dates of construction.

The gate allows access to the underside of the arch but it hasn't been used for a long while judging by the amount of greenery. In fact plant life is prominent everywhere, the tarmac is vanishing under grass and more plants are hanging down from the disused track bed.

I'm like this sort of odd corner but it's quite difficult to get right on a model. We all tend to make things too neat or too derelict. There's nothing falling down in this scene, in fact the buildings are in good repair, it's just, well, abandoned.

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