Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Anti coal bars

Cab backOn the C15 locomotive, it's time for a job I dislike, fitting the coal bars over the rear spectacle plates.

At least this is a 7mm scale model so the bits of wire are a reasonable size to play with rather than the fiddly things you get in 4mm. The wire is even a nice 0.45mm so holdable with pliers.

First up the etched holes had to be opened out with a drill. I used 0.5mm to allow a bit of wiggle room. Then discovered this wasn't enough and twiddled a small broach in them as well.

Each wire has to be bent individually. I tend to do three at a time and then solder them in place from the inside of the cab. Once the window is complete the solder is heated again and I prod them around until they are equally spaced and something like parallel. If you are doing this, keep the solder quantities low of it will leak out and blob around the visible side of the wires. Removal with a small file is possible but there are better ways to spend your time.

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