Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brushless power

Brushless PowerSeen last weekend on the lake, a 36 inch long Aerokits RAF Rescue Launch. Nothing exciting so far but when we looked inside the motor was a brushless item and tiny.

You might expect that a tiddler like this the boat would have pootled around. Not a bit of it, the owners problem was that with the prop he originally had fitted (an X-prop, whatever that is) he couldn't use more than 2/3rds power. Even then the bow was well clear of the water.

Re-proping the boat, which for those who don't know is of reasonably heavy plywood construction, tamed things a lot and the model could then attain a greater than scale speed but not too much.

Power comes from ni-cads giving 9.6V. Two packs are fitted for ballast and length of run reasons.

Components come from Giant Cod. I reckon the motor is one of the KD 2217's which cost sensible money at just under 13 quid. It fits in a mount for a 400 size brushed motor. Speed control is a Sea King at a slightly more scary £38. The later also requires water cooling.

All this is astounding. My 46 inch Huntsman needs power and a Torpedo 850 was the preferred beast. That's £35 and produces about the same power as this thing. I reckon the time has come to have another look at this brushless thing.

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