Saturday, September 18, 2010

Buyer beware

Clock faceAccording to the listing on eBay, this is an LNER clock. The text goes on to say:

looks as though the face may have been repainted , may have had an earlier company name, before lner ?

good condition for its age though

looks as though ?!? It's been done with a bloody brush from B&Q and paint from Dulux. The LNER script is courtesy of some rub down lettering from Smiths. Even this hasn't been exactly artfully employed. To add to the effect the "artist" scribbled the letters in place before putting the transfers on.

If we ignore the amount I paid for the timepiece, and the lack of responses to my e-mails asking for proof of provenance and my doubts about the real age of this thing (Update: now have a response although it hasn't helped), I have a challenge on. While I might be good at many modelling tasks, painting letters isn't one of them. My efforts aren't likely to be any better than those I already have. Anyone know a signwriter ?


Anonymous said...

Also, the Roman Numerals don't make sense! Four o'clock is represented by "IIII", when the number four is "IV". Clearly the person who repainted the clock face wasn't aware of this!

Phil Parker said...

Good point - It's worse than I thought !

Anonymous said...

IIII WAS used, although [very] rarely