Monday, September 06, 2010

Club 500

Club 500 bitsThe project I'm engaged in at work has stalled. There is a lot to do and I can do precisely bugger all of it while I wait for other people to do stuff. Frustrating and annoying. It's not like I can even randomly surf the web to waste time thanks to our draconian IT department.

So I'm having the day off. It's either that or go around murdering people.

And on that day off, I will eshew the jobs I should be doing and having a go at a model that's been on the bench for a few weeks - A club 500 racing boat.

For several years our boat club has raced Slingshots, but these are no longer made and the spares will run out eventually yet the members have developed an appetite for competitive sailing. Well, charging around in circles and occasionally passing each other when not parking the boat in a muddy bank.

The new class is to be the nationally recognised Club 500. By placing bulk orders with Model Slipway we have managed to get the price down for a bargain 35 quid a kit. Everything in the photo is included. All I have to do is stick it together, add radio, speed control and a servo. First race is in a couple of weeks. Not time enough to finish the model but since two evenings are enough to build it to running condition then I reckon a day should get me to the start line.

The model is formed from thermo moulded plastic. There's quite a lot of trimming to do but I've seen the results of other members efforts and they look great.

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