Monday, September 20, 2010

Splasher boxes

Splasher boxesIt was nice of the C15 locomotive designer to provide such a spacious cab for the driver and fireman to work in. Pity he then went and spoilt it by filling it up with great bog boxes over the wheels.

On the model these are a pretty simple fold up job. Although the instructions show that the cab end goes right to the bottom, they actually finish just below the top of the floor. That's not a problem although it did give me cause to wonder if I have released the correct parts from the fret. Sometimes the rectangular bits of brass all look the same.

A little fettling was required to fit the boxes snugly in the corner and not have them stick out over the cab doors. Only a few minutes with a file, and a good reason to own something bigger then a needle file, but important for the look of the model.

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