Monday, September 27, 2010

Class 14 Diesel, in Guage 1 !

G1 Class 14What a beast. Yet another Class 14 diesel on this blog, but this time the model is in Gauge 1 which makes it a bit of a whopper. Over the buffers it measures 35cm and weighs as much as a small car.

The model is from a soon to be released etched brass kit from Mercian Models. Trevor dropped it off for me to wave the airbrush at. I escaped building duties as the guy who mastered the castings took care of this. I think I could have done it although my soldering iron might have been usurped by the gas torch for most of the work as there are some pretty chunky lumps of brass to play with.

The model is 10mm to the foot but will be produced at 1/32nd scale to suit the majority of modellers in G1. I think it might be popular as the resulting model has rugged good looks and plenty of space for the sort of motor capable of dragging dead steam engines and trains out of harms way.

What you are looking at is a test build of course. There will be more development before production. Much of the brake gear will be cast in lost wax brass rather than whitemetal. A cab interior is going to be developed, flycranks will be in milled steel and a few other little niggles will be attended to.

Mind you, even at this stage of development, I wouldn't mind one. Not sure what I'd do with it though - micro layouts in G1 are still pretty large !

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