Monday, September 13, 2010

Killin Pug part 2 in Hornby Magazine

Back to the Killin Pug for my Parkers Guide in Octobers Hornby Magazine. Last time I had built the body and produced a nice looking little model locomotive that sadly had more in common with a Formula One car than a branch line operator.

This time I've replaced the Hornby chassis with one from a Branchlines kit. The result looks a lot better and more in keeping with the rest of my locomotive fleet. It runs a whole lot slower too.

In other news, there is a new feature in the magazine - The Clinic.

In this, modellers questions are answered by "experts". At the top of the page are a slightly sinister photo of editor Mike Wild and a bizarre cherubic one of me, grimacing. I think it originates from a picture taken at Hornby Live in Hartlepool. Obviously I was trying to pretend I was enjoying chatting to whoever it was at the time. It's a dangerous thing being photographed when you aren't expecting it. However there are worse examples out there, or maybe I just look stupid in photos.

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