Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Electric modifications

Electric modsTo turn a diesel-mechanical Ruston 165DS into a diesel-electric one, there are two jobs to do. At least as far as the model version is concerned. The real thing would be significantly more work and probably involve spanners and stuff. Probably can't do it on the workbench very easily either.

On the model:
  • Use the correct coupling rods. The ones without the extension for the mechanical drive. That's easy, just make up the correct ones from the etch.
  • Turn the hole for the crank drive into an inverted U shape. Blank it off a bit and put the bolts on that would hold the gearbox in real life.

That second one is more "entertaining" on a chassis that has all the mechanical bits fitted when you don't want to take them out. Some careful work with the piercing saw was required, not just to make the U, but to remove the carefully soldered in bearing as well. I was blowing swarf away at every other stroke to keep the stuff out of the motor.

The blanking is just plasticard and the bolt heads are cubes of plastic rod picked up on the end of a scalpel and attached with superglue. I cut about 5 times as many as I need 'cos they either don't attach to the knife or fall in the glue when dabbed in it. That way I have plenty.

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