Sunday, January 09, 2011


Magazine spinesWhy do modellers keep piles of magazines ?

Let's face it there are plenty of books and of course teh Interweb. Despite this we still all need our monthly fix of new reading and once we've finished perusing those wise words on a perfect bound cover, we stick the magazine on a shelf. Forever.

Joists groan under the ever increasing weight of our reading matter. One day a little voice says that they have to go. For railway modellers this might mean that they join the pile under a local club's second hand stall where they prove even less saleable than second hand trackwork.

And so it came to pass, that the Parker pile of Model Boats magazine has come under scrutiny. It is time to thin it considerably. Much as I might like the idea of having the whole lot bound in leather and stored on the baronial library shelves, the binding takes forever and the library has yet to appear.

Plan B - Remove all the interesting articles and put them in a box file. With MB, this is easier than you might think. For a start the show reports can go. News stuff can go. Anything on grey boats can go. Yacht stuff can go.

Result, a big pile for the recycling boys and half a box file full of plans (with the related articles attached), useful articles (many of which I'd forgotten, there are some really good ones on lifeboats) and a few complete issues that I have articles in. And a lot more shelf space. It's really satisfying too.

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