Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Painting the 165DS chassis

Painted chassisIf I were building this model with Romford wheels, I wouldn't be doing this. Their design allows removal and re-installation as often as you like. Gibson wheels though, need to go on and stay on.

This means the chassis needs to be painted before I get to try any of the mechanical bits and this paint will need to harden before the next step. Luckily I'm a bit busy at the moment so this is just the sort of little task I can do.

The cleaned chassis received the usual coat of etched primer from an aerosol. I ought to have sat the can in some hot water as the resting coat was a bit thicker than I'd like. That's probably due to the freezing conditions in our garage over the last few weeks.

Once dry I brush painted the whole thing with Precision weathered black. I didn't have time to set up the airbrush and you won't be able to tell on the finished model anyway. I like the thicker coat you get this way because it's probably stronger - at least to my mind anyway, there is no science behind this opinion.

Finally the bearings are cleaned out with the reamer inside and file on the outside. It looks quite pretty at this stage doesn't it ?

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