Saturday, January 01, 2011

Half a decade

05Yes, amazingly it is a whole half decade since I started writing this blog. That's 1/8th of my life, or approximately far too much time sat typing.

For anoraks, here are the statistics:
  • 372 posts this year - I've easily beaten the 1 a day I've been aiming for. Sometimes this has been tough and thanks to the whole "going to work" thing, occasionally been difficult. Sorry if you feel there have been some lightweight posts but since you're getting this for free, stop moaning.
  • An average of 225 people visit every day. 45 people turn up every day. 18 people follow the blog.
  • The most popular post is the one about fixing my car's indicator switch with 7485 views.
  • Thanks to an e-mail doing the rounds, Scratchbuilding a hut is second followed by the mini sandblaster review and the Flying Scotsman partwork.
  • And finally this is the 1700'th post on the blog since I started.

Looking back at last year's New Year post, some things never change. I still plan to get on with the Brede Lifeboat which hasn't moved on since 2009 ! The Garrat hasn't progressed either. Maybe 2011 will be the year for both. Since I've given up building models for other people, apart from the 2 or 3 I have to finish, perhaps things will be different.

On the plus side, there have been plenty of magazine articles last year and hopefully this year will see plenty more. I have a few other ideas in this direction too. There is a book I want to talk to someone about and another under construction, except that this last one is pure, and hopefully very funny, fiction being written with a friend. More on this in a few weeks when we're ready.

So what can I promise for this year ?

Dunno. I haven't finished a boat this year (the Club 500 needs more work and paint) and feel the need to launch another one. There isn't a shortage of kits in the cupboard either.
I need more 3mm scale locomotives. These will initially be diesels since I've sorted out the drive system.
More shows. Obviously in a couple of weeks we have our own event and after this there should be some wandering up and down the country.
The garden railway has emerged from the snow and I have a station kit for it. Perhaps I'll be able to enjoy it this summer.
The aged VW's need some attention. Could 2011 be the year the bug gets back on the road ?

Sounds like plenty to do and that's not the full list. Oh well, at least I won't be bored !


Anonymous said...

>> 45 people turn up every day.

As one of the 45, this seems like a good time to say thanks for all the entertainment and education. Happy New Year.

Bernhard said...

Hi Phil,

interesting numbers. I wonder how Blogger counts folks like me that follow your blog via RSS feeds. So I stop by your actual Web site only occasionally.


Phil Parker said...

Good point. I user Statcounter to give me the numbers so this will ignore RSS people. I'm probably under-reporting but it doesn't matter.