Friday, November 12, 2010

Scrachbuilt Hut in Hornby Magazine

Through the letterbox arrives the December issue of Hornby Magazine, and it's a fat one. 169 pages in total.

My contribution is the cheapest project ever, a scratchbuilt platelayers hut. Total cost of materials will be under a pound, just right for these "credit crunch" times I hope.

The prototype is one I've built several times, from the Ericplans book the real thing would have been found at Wadborough in Worcestershire. I can't recall if this is the first 4mm version from my hands but I know I've had a go in 7mm and G scales. It's nicely propotioned and I think looks different from anything kit built or available from RTR sellers.

In an effort to keep the cost down as far as possible, the slates are made from paper. To do this I marked out some on a sheets and made this available from the new downloads area of my website.

Elsewhere, Melbridge Parva makes an appearance in staff projects with me attacking a Hornby building with a saw. These things aren't finished items you know, they are just raw materials !

Incidentally, if you fancy a look at my 7mm version of this hut, you can read about it here.

Hut Back


Anonymous said...

169 pages?

Phil Parker said...

Sorry, 169 is the highest page number. Of course there is 170 plus the covers.