Monday, November 22, 2010

Warley Sunday

It's over. We left the NEC, drove home avoiding the idiot taxi driver without crashing. The stuff has been dumped indoors and we have drunk tea. That was Warley 2010.

First I should say thank you to everyone who dropped in and said hello. Apologies to those who wanted to and couldn't because of the crowds. Hello to new visitors to this blog too. Good to meet you and I hope you enjoyed the show. Keep coming back as I will be trying to post every day for your entertainment and education.

I'm particularly proud of the badge I received. Most people just had the word "Exhibitor" on their badge. Mine had my name on it. I am special.

For two days we talked ourselves hoarse explaining cardboard building construction. The story starts with SuperQuick kits and then moves on to scratchbuilding using DalerBoard and plasticard. Various buildings were present for the crowds to handle and possibly be impressed by . The market house went down particularly well as it's a very pretty building.

Once we'd covered the kits, a couple of 3mm scale houses were used to explain the next steps. One of them is only half finished to demonstrate the techniques involved. Finally the little hut I wrote up in Hornby Magazine was waved around along with a copy of the magazine so that prospective modellers would know where to find some simple to follow instructions.

As a demo this went well. For much of the last two days we've had a decent crowd of up to a dozen people in front of our table. A couple get to sit down as chairs were provided, but many preferred to stand. Best of all our stand attracted no smelly people despite there being one or two wafting around the hall. In fact with only a couple of exceptions, everyone was interested and appreciative of our efforts. Maybe they were just being kind.

Demo on a trolleyAt the end of the day we managed to load all our stand onto a small trolley brought along for the occasions, and wheel the whole lot out to the car park. This saved all the hassle of trying to get the car into the hall which is always the worst bit of the event.

Anyway, a really good weekend was had and we look forward to hopefully doing the same again next year.

As for the rest of the show. Well I'll mention a few of my highlights during the week. What I need as a I write, is sleep...

In the meantime, I've added to the photo gallery.

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