Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Porter lettering

Finished Lineup

Richard asks:

I’ve just looked at your posts on the Porters, just started a couple Backwoods Selectakits, with the Bachmann chassis, Could you tell me please where to get the transfers /lettering for the loco’s

The Porters were built some time ago so I had to go and check the photos to work out the answer.

Bacially, I didn't. The only change I made to the locos was the number on the red badge on the smokebox door. This came from a very old set of waterslide transfers picked up in the dim and distant past. It's nothing special, just a gold digit in a slightly fancy font. This isn't a job of Arial !

On the side of the boiler is a shield, but that's the original Bachmann one which I kept the paint off. Apart from this, nothing, just lots of dirt.

However if I was going hunting for transfers, I'd start with EDM Models who retail this sort of thing. I'm sure they can help, or at least point you in the direction of someone who can. Another source might be the Slim Gauge Circle, these members might know some suitable trasfers. Hope this helps.

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