Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So what do you do then ?

Demo outputThat's a reasonable question from anyone after I mention I was demonstrating at the countries biggest model railway exhibition.

The answer is, "As little as possible".

A friend once explained that if you actually manage to build anything while you have been demonstrating then you are doing it wrong. The ideal demonstrator spends the entire day talking to the audience, imparting knowledge and helping the people who have paid good money to come in the door improve their enjoyment of the hobby.

If this is true then I am good at this demonstrating lark. Over two days, admittedly shared with my father so effectively one days modelling, I produced what you see in the picture:
  • Some plasticard which has been partly coloured in to show the bricks. This isn't really results, just part of the explanation so doesn't count.
  • A part built SuperQuick coal office.

So, next time someone says that they will do a demo at a show as it's a good way of getting a couple of days modelling time it, you know to rota them on to selling tickets at the door.


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