Saturday, November 20, 2010

Warley Set-up

Railway Modeller stand setupThis year we cracked it. Normally getting into the NEC to set up for the Warley Model Railway exhibition is challenging. There is a lot of queueing, getting lost in the road system, plenty of dodging other cars in the hall and a bit of a rush.

This year because I'm working in the evening, we went early. Arriving at ten to 2 there was only a single van ahead of us so we pretty much drove straight in. The table wasn't far from the door so the stuff was dumped on it. I lost the car in the East car park and by the time I got back, my Dad had had added another NEC RCD test label to the collection on our lead.

After a quick tidy up we went for a stroll around the hall. Before we left Trevor came over and picked up the G1 Class 14, which was handy as we were just looking up his position in the show guide !

Heading for the Ian Allan "Depot" we found Mike Wild setting up a layout and showing off a Stove R van which he has fitted with the correct size wheels. It's the first time he's ever raised an vehicle, preferring to lower all his VeeDubs...

All the magazines are close to each other and the Railway Modeller/Peco stand was next door. It seems that the other editors arrive later in the day, presumably in some sort of procession and definitely after the men with power tools have finished their work.

To be honest, by 3pm there isn't that much to see so we hit the road again. After all, we have to back by 9:30 in the morning to greet everyone. So if you are heading to the show, please drop in at Stand E31 for a chat.

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