Friday, November 26, 2010

LNER Carriage


This is the last Warley post I promise.

Sometimes I buy stuff because I feel sorry for it. This happened once with a 1361 class steam engine and that cost me loads of cash but resulted in a very nice little shunter for my layout.

This time it was a scratchbuilt model of an LNER railcar. Not, you will conclude, a very good one. It is however, one that someone has tried very hard to construct. Whoever the builder was, they put a lot of effort in to the model and for that reason alone, I think it deserves to survive.

The vendor was telling people that it was worth the tenner he was charging for the power bogie. I disagree, the world has plenty of Triang power bogies, but not all of them are in models of railcars. I bought this for the body and hopefully I will one day have the time to restore it properly. If this was an antique, its style would be described as "Arts and Crafts" and everyone would appreciate it.

The photo makes thing look worse than they are. The carriage end isn't bad at all - I've certainly seen worse. The locomotive part has gone wrong around the doors. I suspect some bodged repairs looking at the glue blobs at the top. Hopefully I can clean these up. The roof could do with a repaint too as the brass rain strips have shed paint.

Obviously this won't ever be a finecale model. One day I still hope to build a kit for this prototype but this model can join my LMS railcar in a "special" collection.

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