Thursday, November 04, 2010

Getting ready for Wycrail

Wheel cleaningThis weekend we'll be taking Flockburgh to Wycrail. Since it's a one day show I suppose I'd better be ready before we leave and that means a good dose of wheel cleaning and finding out what broke last time. Maybe I'll even fix it !

Since the venue isn't very far away we'll do the who thing in a day too - travelling down, setting up, playing trains, packing up and driving home. I'm not a big fan of this sort of thing as the only driver on the team 'cos it makes for a very long day but I suppose it will be OK.

The main thing is that this looks like an excellent event. The layout list is pretty impressive so we should be in good company. One day shows can be a bit difficult to attract exhibits to so I can only assume that the quality of the cake on offer is truly outstanding.

More on the Wycrail website

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Nevardmedia said...

It should be a brilliant day, the HWMRS alway do cracking job with what is rapidly becoming one of the best one day shows in he south. See you there.